Mean in green
I'm Kevin. I live in Salem, Mass with my wife and little boy and I build software.

I love lamp

Sunday Feb 22, 2009
Finally finished the lamp today. I had to disguise a few happy accidents, but all in all Im pretty happy with it. I tried a ...

More regression testing

Thursday Feb 19, 2009
Very interesting test results from some regression testing I did today for a client. I was using Siege and Apache AB for ...

Deer Camp

Monday Feb 16, 2009
Heres a quickie panorama from this weekend at Deer Camp.

Regression testing Drupal with Siege

Tuesday Feb 10, 2009
So, I was doing some playing with Siege today which can be used to do regression testing and benchmarking on a webserver. ...

New Stained Glass

Monday Feb 09, 2009
I decided to start a new lamp shade today. I was taken by a Greene & Greene hanging fixture that had some cool art glass. ...

Saving those old URLs

Tuesday Nov 18, 2008
Search engine rankings are invaluable when it comes to the success of a site. Ive managed sites that have received upwards ...

Migrating the Drupal way. Part I: creating a node.

Friday Nov 14, 2008
My position with Acquia will find me helping out with a lot of migrations and upgrades. Im going to embark on a ...

Drupal wins best php-based open source CMS award!

Friday Oct 31, 2008
Packt Publishing announced on Wednesday that they had awarded Drupal as the best Open Source Content Management System ...

What it is!

Thursday Oct 30, 2008
So I have a new job. Its funny how some people know what you do, but dont really know what you do. Heres a good description ...

First two days

Wednesday Oct 22, 2008
Whew! The first two days have been awesome, but wicked tiring - yes I can say wicked now that Im back on the East coast :) ...