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More regression testing

Thursday Feb 19, 2009

Very interesting test results from some regression testing I did today for a client. I was using Siege and Apache AB for anonymous user testing, and attempting to simulate authenticated users by specifying cookie data with AB. The tests were done remotely from an EC2 instance.

Here were the basic commands:

ab -t 300 -kc 50 ab -t 300 -kc 50 -CSESS[...]=[...] siege -c 50 -t 300s -f url_list.txt

Rough Results:

No Drupal caching; No opcode caching
ABAnonymous5.23 req./sec.
ABAuthenticated3.20 req./sec.
SiegeAnonymous7.0 req./sec.
Normal Drupal caching; No opcode caching
ABAnonymous121.34 req./sec.
ABAuthenticated6.40 req./sec.
SiegeAnonymous218.83 req./sec.
Normal Drupal caching; eaccelerator enabled
ABAnonymous338.31 req./sec.
ABAuthenticated14.49 req./sec.
SiegeAnonymous543.50 req./sec.

I ran each test a few times and selected the median value. So, these aren't 100% conclusive, but there is definitely a trend here. The interesting thing is the huge difference between anonymous and authenticated users.