Mean in green
I'm Kevin. I live in Salem, Mass with my wife and little boy and I build software.

Keeping an eye on memory usage

Friday Jan 08, 2010
So, while working on a project recently we were faced with the reality that Drupal was using too much memory for our server ...

Drupal, jQuery and $.ajax() easyness.

Tuesday Jan 05, 2010
So, Ive been remiss in my blogging as of late. Its not for a lack of ideas though, so Im going to jump right back in with ...


Friday Jan 01, 2010
Kevin Hankens Profile Experienced Web engineer with a focus on usability and performance and a love for Vim and regular expressions. Presently employed as a...


Friday Jan 01, 2010
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Salem House

Monday Nov 30, 2009

Georgetown House

Sunday Nov 08, 2009

Halloween in West Virginia

Wednesday Nov 04, 2009
We spent the weekend down at Jeff, Sarah and Abes to see their new home in West Virginia. Had a great trip including a town ...

A walk in the woods

Sunday Oct 25, 2009
A few quick snaps from our trip up to Bethel last weekend. We were past peak foliage, but still saw some cool stuff out in ...

Welch-Dickey Loop

Wednesday Aug 12, 2009
Heres a quickie panorama from last weekends hike around the Welch-Dickey loop on the southern side of the White Mountain ...

Rapid voicemail prompt

Friday Jul 31, 2009
How many of you are sick of having to wait through five minutes of voicemail instructions when you call someone I know I am. ...