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Out There: To Boulder and Beyond

Friday Aug 03, 2007
Me and Meliss exploring Boulder, near the Red Wagon Farm

Here's a view from the mountain bike trail at Walker Ranch, just over the Flatiron range

Wow. So that happened. July came and went before we could even look up! Be sure to check out The Adventures of Melvin to read a bit of a recap of our trip out here. My new job at VeloNews is freeking awesome. I had to earn my stripes by starting during the Tour de France, which meant 12+ hour days, including weekends. I can't believe that Melissa still likes me :) I spent the majority of my days monitoring live updates, news stories and videos... all coming in at various times. It was exhausting to be sure, but I love it. I work with a really cool group of guys that I'm sure I'll learn a lot from. It's wild to be a part of the industry and work around so many people that are like myself. It's not at all strange to be walking around in the afternoon in chamois. You can't beat that :)

Melissa has been hard at work at the Red Wagon Farm doing 12 hour days in the baking sun and spending her spare time doing experiments. Even though she's working harder than I am, she's really done a great job taking care of me. There's no way in the world that I could have gotten here without her love and support. She has taken care of me during ugly trips to the dentist, made me lunch and dinner, bought me surprises, you name it... she's been there for me.

Boulder is a pretty cool place, bike paths everywhere. I can do my five mile commute to work and only hit 1/2 mile of roads. So far we haven't had a ton of time to explore, but this weekend we're planning a trip into the mountains. It should be be beautiful! I'll try to get some photos and post them next week.

It's been a crazy adventure so far, but I'm loving it here. I still can't believe that I work for VeloNews :)

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