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I'm Kevin. I live in Salem, Mass with my wife and little boy and I build software.

The FreedomTrail... and a sunburn

Friday Mar 13, 2009

So, we came home from walking the Freedom Trail in Boston and realized that we had a nice March sunburn. That's sad, but perhaps indicative of four months in my computer hovel. My Mom is out to visit, so it was a great excuse to take the day off and head into the city. We started in the North end with an espresso and biscotti. Then to Old Ironsides. Live oak is insanely dense and heavy - heavy as bricks... seriously. I also learned that the phrase hit the head comes from old ship's lavatories being located at the head. That's learnin. We then jumped up to the Bunker Hill monument. After that, mac 'n cheese at Quincy Market. Once we were warmed back up, we saw the cemeteries and I fell in love with the reliefs on the head stones - beautifully macabre.

After the sights had been seen, we wandered back to the North End for pasta, bread and tiramisu. On the car ride home I was feeling like my face was on fire and Melissa made the comment "I think we got burned!" I'd call it a successful spring break.