Mean in green
I'm Kevin. I live in Salem, Mass with my wife and little boy and I build software.

Empirical development and Scrum

Thursday Oct 16, 2008
Recently, Ive been reading a book about Scrum methodology for software development. The book is titled Agile Software ...

AJAX with jQuery is wicked easy... for real!

Wednesday Oct 15, 2008
I havent had much time to play around with jQuery, but Ive always been intrigued by how nicely it is used in Drupal. So, I ...

Using sar to analyze server performance

Thursday Oct 09, 2008
Recently Ive become addicted to the linux command sar (system activity reporter), which is reporting application for sadc ...

To Acquia, Andover and Beyond

Saturday Oct 04, 2008
Well, its official. I just accepted a position with Acquia as a Senior Technical Consultant. After several interviews and a ...

Drush is sweet!

Wednesday Sep 24, 2008
Ive been playing around with an awesome Drupal module recently called Drush, which is a CLI interface for common Drupal ...

Long-Term Planning

Thursday Sep 18, 2008
If youve seen the movie Bottle Rocket, you have to check out this link to screenshots of Dignans long-term planning ...

Putting together a Drupal testing server

Tuesday Sep 16, 2008
So, Ive been playing around Drupal 7 and wanted to put together a local server for testing. The only crux is that the only ... - the unofficial google shell

Thursday Sep 04, 2008
I just stumbled upon, which is an oddly interesting site. Its a virtual shell to interact with google. It works ...

Never made it back to Ioway, but at least my face swelled up!

Tuesday Aug 19, 2008
Well, its good to be back at work after a week off. I was supposed to fly back to Iowa last week to see the folks, but as ...

Playing with Drupal

Saturday Aug 09, 2008
Now that the Tour is over, Ive got some bandwidth for development. So, Ive been doing some experimenting with Drupal. In ...