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I'm Kevin. I live in Salem, Mass with my wife and little boy and I build software.

New versions of TableField module for D6 and D7

Friday Jun 25, 2010
I just got around to making some final commits and packaging two new versions of the TableField module. The D6 version ...

TableField for Drupal 7!

Tuesday May 11, 2010
I just released an alpha version of TableField for Drupal 7. All of the hooks are updated to use the new Field API, so now ...

Floors, Floors, Floors!

Monday Apr 19, 2010

New Version of TableField Released

Friday Apr 09, 2010
I finally got around to committing another round of fixes for the TableField module. Its a relatively simple CCK widget that ...

Weekend #9 - More goodies

Sunday Mar 28, 2010

Wow, 8 weeks progress...

Tuesday Mar 23, 2010

Floors and walls

Monday Mar 08, 2010

The danger of q=$1; or, why you shouldnt ignore Drupal 404 errors.

Wednesday Mar 03, 2010
Drupal makes your life very easy, but thats no excuse for being lazy. While profiling scripts today, I ran into something ...

Four weekends into it...

Monday Feb 22, 2010

Using Syslog Module and Splunk to Rock Your Reporting World

Thursday Jan 21, 2010
Drupals Syslog module is one of the core modules that I find is often overlooked. On a high traffic site, its generally a ...